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Phestive Philately

This year, instead of putting a simple teaser on the front of the card, we realized we could use the front, inside and back to help tell a story.


So here’s the first part of the story:

Got that? Someone has baked cookies for the kids’ party, but has started snacking on them herself. And the next thing on her list is “address cards.” Gee, I wonder what’s on the inside of the card? (Move your mouse over the picture to magnify.)


Well, looky here! She’s addressing envelopes with stamps that feature some (ahem) extremely attractive people! And she’s still munching cookies? If she keeps on like this, there’s not going to be any left for the kids’ party! Gee, I wonder what’s on the back of the card?


Yep, all the cookies are gone. Gotta go buy some for the party.

How we made it


The idea of putting ourselves on stamps came from an image (at right) which our card designer John Redhed had come across a year earlier.

John thought we could use stamps as part of a Christmas card, so using stock photos he put together a mockup (at right) to show us what he had in mind.

Needless to say, we quickly approved the idea.

The photography session was much simpler than the previous year — most of us just had to stand there and smile at the camera. (What a concept!)

We planned to have colored backgrounds behind us, but because John needed flexibility during the compositing process, he elected to photograph us against a neutral background and add the colors later.

Of course, before John could add the colors, he had to remove the original background from each photo.

We’re pretty sure that isn’t a fun job.

With all the photos prepared, it was time to assign background colors and position everyone on the sheet of stamps, then add the names on top.

John had already taken this photo, so now he added the stamps, along with the handwriting on the card and envelope. The pen was replaced with a modified stock photo.