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Professional Liability Insurance Claims

What to do if you have a claim:

Handling claims is an extremely important process and most insurance companies do an excellent job. If, however, at any time during the claim process you have questions or become frustrated with the process you should involve us. Our job is to help make sure your claims are handled to your reasonable satisfaction.

How to report a Professional Liability Insurance Claim:

  • Notify your Professional Liability Insurance Company as specified in your policy
  • Notify your agent at Hall & Company at 1-800-597-2612
    (We cannot assist you if we are not also aware of the claim)

When to report a Professional Liability Claim:

  • Professional liability insurance is a “claims made policy”. The policy that covers the claim is the policy in force at the time the claim is made. This is not necessarily when the work was done or when the damage was done.
  • Your policy defines a claim, but usually it is a “demand” for money or services or service of the suit or demand for arbitration. A “demand” can be written or oral. If you receive a demand, report it as a claim ASAP.
  • Most policies allow you to report “circumstances” that may reasonably give rise to a claim. Reporting circumstance to your insurance company is a good practice. They can often help you avoid or resolve potential claims. Also, annual renewal applications ask if you are aware of any “circumstances”. To answer this question in good faith you need to report “circumstances” to your insurance company.
  • If ever you change insurance companies you must report all claims and “circumstances” to your current company before the change. Notice must be made within the required notice period of the policy. Failure to do so will likely result in the loss of coverage for any claims arising from a claim or “circumstance”.
  • If you have a question as to whether to report a claim, please call us at Hall & Company.

How to report a General Liability, Auto, Workers’ Comp or Property Claim:

  • Notify your Insurance Company as specified in your policy.